Sexual Orientation and Gender Minority (SMG) Resources


Gender-neutral language, also referred to as gender-inclusive language, can be defined as "speaking and writing in a way that does not discriminate against a particular sex, social gender or gender identity, and does not perpetuate gender stereotypes.” These slides explain the importance of gender neutral language and give examples of alternate language to use to be more inclusive.

Increasingly, employees are entering the workplace with gender identities and expressions that may be different from what we most frequently think of when discussing gender. Gender expansive employees – those that do not self-identify as male or female – often challenge existing understanding and norms around gender. These employees may opt to use gender expansive pronouns such as “they, them and theirs” instead of the gendered “he, him and his” or “she, her and hers.”

Lawrence Livermore National Lab's Pride Employee Resource Group (ERG) created this guide to pronouns and how to use them. It includes topics such as the history of pronouns, allyship, and other resources.

This two-page handout created by the Lambda Alliance covers how to lead by example, being an ally, creating a culture of inclusion and examples of pronouns.

On July 28, 2021, all 17 National Laboratories along with many prominent publishers, journals and other organizations have announced an initiative in support of researchers wishing to change their names on published research outputs.

Working with our partners, the National Laboratories will provide support to their researchers by implementing name changes on their behalf. This will reduce the burden on researchers to initiate name changes for their research output.

We will implement name changes for any reason, in accordance with the policies at individual partners. The initiative is transgender-inclusive and will allow researchers of all genders to own their academic work.

This guide is designed to help build understanding and comfort with LGBT issues. If you are new to LGBT issues, it will answer many of your questions. Or, if you have known LGBT people for years and are simply looking to find new ways to show your support, you can skim and take the pieces that are relevant to you.


From the Harvard Business Review, this podcast discusses the the workplace experiences of people who identify as trans, nonbinary, genderfluid, butch, or gender-diverse in some other way and gives advice to managers and peers on how to be respectful and supportive of gender-diverse colleagues.

The mission of the Lambda Alliance ERG is to enhance the work environment at Berkeley Lab for Sexual-orientation and Gender Minority (SGM) employees. Our goal is to promote an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere, enhance policies of non-discrimination, create guidance for institutional processes, identify and address emerging issues or challenges, increase visibility and awareness, and recognize achievements impacting our community.

The group is open to all employees, including SGMs and allies.