Inclusive Virtual
& Hybrid Teams

As some of us return to work onsite and others remain remote, we must make every effort to ensure that each individual, whether remote, hybrid or in person, is able to fully contribute and serve as a valued team member. 

Virtual and hybrid teams pose unique challenges to how we work and we hope that the resources on this page provide ideas, suggestions, and tools to allow you and your team to thrive. 

All of the above Linkedin Learning courses and dozens more can be found on the Berkeley Lab's Learning & Organizational Development website.

Hybrid Work Tool Kits

Communication Charter for Remote & Hybrid Teams 

For teams with remote & hybrid workers, this charter sets expectations for how your team will communicate, collaborate, and work together effectively. Discuss as a team and agree and commit to communication norms.

Discussion Guide: Managing Your Remote/Hybrid Team Inclusively (60 mins)

This discussion guide incorporates the communication charter above and leads your team through a longer, more in-depth discussion about remote/hybrid teams.

Tool Kits

Hybrid & Virtual Meetings:

General Inclusive Meeting/Event Toolkits:

Accessibility & Inclusive Meetings - Resources from the All Access Employee Resource Group:

Collaboration Tools

Work Together - Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools can help nurture the formal and informal relationships that make Team Science work.  Be sure to check out the Berkeley Lab website Work Together for an array of collaboration tools. 

Advanced Conference Rooms

The Lab has upgraded almost 100 conference rooms with the latest technology including AI-driven cameras and microphones. 

One Minute for IDEA

Visit the Berkeley Lab's "The Way We Work" website for resources, tools and policies for onsite, virtual and hybrid teams.