Team Effectiveness

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Resources include:

  • Recommended courses like Inclusion During Difficult Times & Communicating About Culturally Sensitive Issues

  • Self Directed Learning Platforms such as LinkedIn, Gartner & the UC Learning Center

  • Self Development courses, articles, books and podcasts

  • Team Development resources on team building, coaching, management


The five key dynamics of effective teams that the Google researchers identified are rooted in the wider world of team performance research to create, foster, and empower effective teams. This document has tips for managers and leaders to support the behaviors the researchers found important and it also contains a sampling of improvement indicators and guiding questions.


Matt Sakaguchi, a site reliability engineer at Google, spoke about the company’s research and practical tips around building high-performing teams, including the importance of psychological safety in the workplace. Michelle Elrod, Director of Employee Organizational Development and Advancement at Cal Polytechnic University Pomona, has applied Google’s research and implemented the principles for building high-performing teams in an academic setting.


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