Accountability means responsibility

The “A” in IDEA stands for “accountability,” which has been added to inclusion, diversity, and equity to promote personal responsibility in making IDEA happen. IDEA aims to promote personal investment among each of us to help make the Lab more inclusive, diverse, and equitable in our day-to-day roles, perhaps by speaking up or becoming an active bystander. We all have a role to play in IDEA. Inclusion, diversity, and equity are everyone’s responsibility.

For more resources and trainings, please visit the Learning@LBL website brought to you by Berkeley Lab's Learning & Organizational Development Office.

Resources include:

  • Recommended courses like Inclusion During Difficult Times & Communicating About Culturally Sensitive Issues

  • Self Directed Learning Platforms such as LinkedIn, Gartner & the UC Learning Center

  • Self Development courses, articles, books and podcasts

  • Team Development resources on team building, coaching, management

Do you need a slide for a quick meeting opener or a prompt to start a longer discussion on inclusion? Check out the One Minute for IDEA slides.

For a longer discussion, check out the Discussion Guide Library

Accountability means being responsible. It means taking action to put inclusion, diversity, and equity into action. Bill Collins, Director of Berkeley Lab’s Climate & Ecosystem Sciences Division, and Director of the Environmental Resilience Accelerator, describes what it looks like when leaders are accountable for inclusion, diversity, equity, and accountability, or IDEA