Allies: "...individuals who stand up for the equal and fair treatment of people different than them...." 

Allyship: "The practice of emphasizing inclusion and human rights by members of an “in” group, to advance the interests of an oppressed or marginalized “out” group...” 

“We view allyship as a strategic mechanism used by individuals to become collaborators, accomplices, and co-conspirators who fight injustice and promote equity in the workplace through supportive personal relationships and public acts of sponsorship and advocacy. Allies endeavor to drive systemic improvements to workplace policies, practices, and culture.”
- Be a Better Ally - Harvard Business Review

Good Reads

General Allyship:

Men as Allies:

Allies for Colleagues of Color:

Becoming an Ally to All - Allyship is a Journey  - 30 min
All organizations face barriers to diversity and inclusion, such as implicit bias and stereotyping. One key solution to these challenges is allyship. Allyship is integral to diversity efforts because it allows those who are at lower risk of discrimination the opportunity to advocate for others to gain visibility, validity, and credibility for their work and their contributions. The instructor explains why allyship is important, how to become an ally, and how to grow as an ally along a three-stage maturity curve.

Course Highlights: 

Leading Your Organization on a Journey of Allyship - 28 min
The instructor explains what an ally is and who can be an ally. She shows you the link between inclusion, equity, and allyship and describes the importance of allyship as a business practice that starts from the top down. She lists ways allies behave in the workplace, shows you how to identify opportunities to be an ally, explains how allyship can shape your community then walks you through some misconceptions about allyship. 

Course Highlights: 

How to Engage Meaningfully in Allyship and Anti-Racism

Most of us are learning about allyship and anti-racism for the first time. In this learning path, experts teach you the foundational skills—mindset, communication, and advocacy—you need to be an effective ally and champion for anti-racism in your organization. 

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