Recruitment & Hiring


  • Talent Acquisition Playbook - Berkeley Lab's best practice guide aligning recruitment with stewardship and IDEA principles. The guide describes the talent acquisition life cycle, as well as the phases of the candidate's experience. (This information will be included in a new HR website for talent acquisition and outreach - coming soon!)

  • Criteria and Language in Hiring - This toolkit is designed to facilitate the hiring process in order to block bias and empower hiring managers, recruiters and interviewers to identify the best talent for the job. Learn how to (1) sharpen your use of criteria for better decision-making, and (2) how to identify and remove biased language.

  • Gender Decoder for Job Descriptions - This site is a quick way to check whether a job description has subtle linguistic gender-coding.



  • UC Managing Implicit Bias in the Hiring Process - This course looks at methods for avoiding bias, especially implicit bias, that pertain specifically to the hiring process and can be employed by hiring managers, members of hiring committees, interviewers or anyone with a hiring-related role. (23 minutes)

  • UC Berkeley Search Advisory and Hiring Committee Best Practices - Hiring is one of the most important processes any organization undertakes. It addresses present needs, builds for future success and represents one of the most tangible opportunities an organization has to reinforce a culture and community reflective of its values. It is critical that hiring be equitable, effective and fully compliant with relevant laws, regulations, policies and internal expectations.

  • Veterans at Work Certificate Program - The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Foundation's Veterans at Work Certificate, developed for HR professionals, hiring managers, and front-line supervisors, is a multi-faceted program from the SHRM Foundation.