Equity is About Opportunity Parity

While diversity is making sure many backgrounds and perspectives are represented, equity is about making sure everyone has an opportunity to succeed. Equity deals with the Lab’s goals and processes that will remove barriers to fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement at the Lab.

Equity Leadership Trainings

For more resources and trainings, please visit the Learning@LBL website brought to you by Berkeley Lab's Learning & Organizational Development team.

Do you need a slide for a quick meeting opener or a prompt to start a longer discussion on equity? Check out the One Minute for IDEA slides.

If you're a leader: for a longer discussion, check out the Leader Discussion Guides in Supervisor Resources.

Equity is giving people the opportunity to excel at whatever they do according to Theresa Triplett, Manager, Assurance and Integrity, at Berkeley Lab. Theresa talks about how, when people can be their best self when they bring all of their skills and talents to address workplace challenges.